The new use of free energy

The free energy of nature powers the first Healing-Energizing Pyramid Structure.

Brief description of the Healing-Energizing Pyramid Structure.

Criteria for realizing the structure

  • Compliance with the requirements for innovation
  • Compliance with the requirements for (human and naturopathic) medicine
  • Compliance with the requirements for architectural engineering


  • The movement of particles in the universe and the geometric shape of the structure provide the healing energy.
  • Positive interaction with the earth's biosphere, its magnetic flux lines and parts of the universe.
  • Powered by the energy of nature and does not require energy sources.


The structure will be realized in 2013-2014 as a naturopathic building complex. The building complex will consist of four main sections

  • Reception building
  • Indoor-outdoor space
  • Hill house
  • Energizing pyramid

Some parts of the approved plan are available for viewing:

The following might be involved in realizing the structure:

  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Health funds
  • Private individuals

Planned therapeutic services:

  • Salt therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Aura-Soma therapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Yoga

Resonance made easy

An atom consists of a nucleus and smaller particles (electrons) that orbit it. The nucleus rotates on its axis, and the electron(s) orbiting it in an elliptical path affect(s) its rotation. This interaction causes oscillation in the rotation of the nucleus around its axis. Repeated oscillations result in resonance (mechanical motion) that interacts with the environment. The energy generated from the collision of particles is transmitted to the environment. Groups of atoms create matter.

Our lives and all of the related processes are controlled and affected by resonances that interact with all of the living and non-living matter in the biosphere. All of the matter in the universe, including living matter, has energy.

Since all organisms are made up of several types of particles, there are several types of resonances, and they group together to form tissues and organs for the functioning of organisms and create complex structures. All organisms are made up of tissues and organs consisting of several types of small-amplitude resonances that function in harmony with one another. (The cause of) disease is a change in the basic resonance of our organs. The discrepancy may be caused by other organisms, e.g., viruses, bacteria, worms or chemical substances, including the dietary intake of solid and liquid nutrients. The change may be caused by the inhalation of various gases or physical impacts such as extraneous diverse vibrations or low- and high-frequency transmitting stations (e.g., mobile phone or TV and radio broadcasting stations).

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The shape, material and size of the building offer the opportunity that the corpuscles arriving from the outer space can only get into the interior space if they possess ions with negative charge. Thus the corpuscles possessing ions with negative charge and the corpuscles which possess negative ions leaving the interior revetment concentrate together in the interior space. After synchronizing the movement of the corpuscles, they transmit their energy and vibrancy to the human body in the space. This way, the cells possess extra energy which supports the process of self-healing and regeneration.


  • There are only ions with negative charge in the interior space of the building, they circulate and vibrate with adjustable modulated vibration. In this solution, they beam bio-energetic forces with positive effects and they take effect on the airways, airway illnesses, neural pains, high blood pressure and rheumatism positively. The biological energy circulating to the right takes positive effects on the kidneys, the nerves, the hormone system, the detoxification of the blood and they strengthen the nerve system and slow the aging process.
  • At the development of the building's interior space-coating the blue light transmitted from crystals strengthen the stream of the ions with negative charge. The blue color is located on the cold side of the spectrum. In nature, this color covers us as the endless sky. Nevertheless the color blue evokes the feeling of peace and calmness. That is why blue matches perfectly in a meditation room or in another accommodation where people want to relax. Because of this feature, it influences asthma positively. Blue has a healing effect in case of other illnesses, too: children's illnesses, teethe, bruises, voice problems, sore throat and laryngitis, nervous pain, insomnia, headache, high blood pressure, stress, trachea and vesical rheum, sciatica and eye illnesses. During treating fear and stress, the blue light should be radiated to the solar plexus. To treat insomnia it should be sent to the forehead, throat and solar plexus chakras.
  • When harmonizing biological energy the cells should receive the most proper frequency range and oscillation energy, to achieve they balance and to rise to a higher level of frequency. Every cell and organ has its own level of bio-vibrancy depending on its functions. This frequency range (resultant energy) contains all necessary information to the cells needed to their normal bio-energetic work.
  • The building can be established with its planned measure, material and all of its technical equipments. It does not necessitate a gigantic size and overpowering financial (USD, EU...) investments.

Cooperating partners

The planned construction locations

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2. Kőröshegy

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