Short presentation of patent Skin Care Cream

Care and defense for the skin with natural (natural, bio, healing cosmetics) agents.

Novelty of skin care cream: it contains natural vegetal agents, only. The three vegetal agents have never been applied together to the defense of the skin. The skin care cream thoroughly hydrates and regenerates the skin. Components of the natural vegetal agents are: antioxidants, various vitamins, dietary minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, flavonoids, enzymes and: polysaccharides, adenosine, triterpenoids and proteins. Its anti-inflammation effect prevails mostly in the case of allergic skin-inflammation, but it inhibits the aging of the healthy skin, too. The agent of peptide, flavonoids slow down the hyperfunction of capillary vessels. Peptide, flavonoids slow down the hyperfunction of capillary vessels. It contains an extremely effective combination, providing internal cellular regeneration. It protects the DNA of the skin cells from additional harmful effects. Thus, aging of the skin can be slowed down.

It also protects over-sensitive skin from physical and chemical effects. The positive effect originates not in the ingredients alone, but in the variation of proportion, the mixture of the agent and in its effect-mechanism. It can be effectively applied in the everyday use.

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