About Us

The company started in 1994 as a one-person business. Our first technical development helps the early detection of cervical cancer; the name of the device is PC Video Colposcop. The device was awarded gold and silver medals at various International Invention shows.

The company has been operating as TEAMSOFT Természettudományi, Műszaki, Kutató, Műszergyártó, Szolgáltató Betéti társaság [TEAMSOFT Scientific, Technological, Research, Precision Engineering and Servicing Limited Partnership] since 1995.

The Limited Partnership's activities include:

  • Other human health activities
  • Other natural sciences and engineering research, development
  • Social science and human research, development
  • Biotechnological research, development
  • Other professional, scientific, technical activities
  • Natural medicine
  • IT hardware and software development

With their professional work, our staff greatly contribute to the increase of the company’s research achievements.

Our staff:

  • Imre Hajdu - technical developer
  • Dr. Ferenc Lakatos - consultant cardiologist
  • Dr. Ilona Lakatosné Bódis - ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Iván Farkas - obstetrician-gynaecologist

The company's managing director is Imre Hajdu.

Our results - Our projects

The TEAMSOFT company is currently involved in several human health and biotechnology research projects.

Our own developments and research results have been patented and sold, e.g.: a Resonator Pyramid Building, a skin care preparation, a patient records image archiving software called Cybermed.

In 2011, an additional product of research will be patented and marketed.

We are looking for investors for the construction of The Resonator Pyramid Building, a Naturopathic sacred centre.

Natural Pyramid
TeamSoft Company
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